Recruit and Retain: The Future of Education

The Teaching Project

Becoming an educator has always had it's hurdles, but it has never been quite like this. The current economy, policy at the local and national level, cost of education, student loans, licensure questions, certification questions, other more lucrative professional pathways all are contributing to a shift in the education field.

Education major enrollment dropped 35% between the years 2009-2014. ~Learning Policy Institute

There is a shortage of teachers and a shrinking pipeline of students pursuing education majors throughout the country. Over each of the last three years the number of teachers leaving the teaching profession for employment in another field has increased according to the US Census Bureau.

This site will explore the factors leading to the shortage and shrinking pipeline of students as well as what strategies are being looked at to correct it.

What can or should be done?

Explore articles by teachers, substitute teachers, school counselors, parents and other professionals exploring the challenges and opportunities in the education field.

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